New York City Immigration Fraud Defense Lawyers

Visa Fraud Attorneys in New York City

U.S. Immigration rules and regulations are very complex and ever changing. This makes it easy for many individuals to cross the line, often unintentionally, and be accused of federal immigration crimes. If this happened to you, an experienced immigration fraud defense lawyer can make all the difference in your criminal case.

Welcome to our website! My name is Joseph Potashnik and I am the managing partner of Joseph Potashnik and Associates. We are a New York City metropolitan area federal criminal defense firm and we represent clients both in New York and nationwide who have been investigated or charged with federal immigration fraud crimes.

Most individuals charged with immigration fraud are aliens and as such, they face the draconian consequences of criminal convictions.However, recently we have seen an increasing number of non-aliens, including employers, attorneys, and documents prepares, prosecuted in federal courts on immigration fraud charges.

Criminal cases involving non-citizens require a lawyer to be experienced in federal criminal work and also understand the issues related to immigration law. We have the knowledge and the experience to take on even the most difficult immigration fraud cases. As immigration fraud defense lawyers, we represent clients charged with:

  • Alien Employment Crimes
  • Marriage Fraud
  • Alien Smuggling
  • Immigration Document Fraud
  • Making False Statements
  • Reentry After Deportation and Illegal Entry
  • Deportation Defense
  • International Extradition
  • Prisoner Transfers

Our main office is based in New York City with additional office in New Jersey and Long Island. We also represent clients in federal courts nationwide.

Please browse our site and call us today to schedule a confidential consultation with an immigration fraud criminal attorney.